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The 7 benefits of sleeping naked

Surely you did not know the number of issues associated with lying in bed without clothes. Check out these consequences. We show you the 7 benefits of naked sleeping in these health articles.

7 health benefits of sleep naked:

1. It allows you to lose more weight. A study prepared by the Diabetes publication ensures that this freshness added by the fact of sleeping naked activates what is known as brown fat, which is responsible for energy consumption to subsequently raise the body temperature. For this reason, you lose weight more than sleeping with clothes in the right position you can lose weight sleeping on your stomach.

2. Increase the quality of sleep. The Sleep Institute of Los Angeles, United States, associates body temperature with sleep quality. Sleeping without clothes, therefore, benefits deep sleep.

3. Raise your libido. Sleeping naked causes oxytocin levels, the so-called love hormone to rise.

4. Stimulates the immune system . Just as oxytocin raises libido, it also facilitates the reduction of blood pressure and stimulates the immune system. Thus, it helps to have fewer health problems.

5. Avoid infections. Having the body outdoors increases hygiene to a greater extent than if the body is covered by clothing. For example, avoid infections, such as vaginal fungi. It also benefits in case of irritation.

6. It improves the skin. When the body is at an optimal temperature, another hormone called melatonin is released, which directly affects aging and, consequently, the quality of the skin.

7. Prevents stress. The National Sleep Foundation has concluded that sleeping without clothes helps keep blood cortisol levels at bay, and this prevents stress.

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